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15-09-2009broadcastDavid Thorp discusses the works and artists exhibited in the new show - Minimal Means
16-02-2009broadcastWe are pleased to announce that we have now launched our YouTube Channel - which will feature Videos of each show and other movie clips which will be associated with us. Make sure you sign up to our Channel!
05-09-2008broadcastWCR FM Interview with Frank Cohen - Initial Access and Lightness of Being
14-12-2007broadcastWCR FM Radio story on Unholy Truths 14-Dec-07
19-07-2007broadcastFeature on BBC Online, 19-Jul-07
22-02-2007broadcastFeature by Ciaran Ryan on BBC Blackcountry
09-02-2007broadcastFrank interviewed by Bob Hockenhull BBC Midlands Today, 9-Feb-07
19-01-2007broadcastFrank Cohen interviewed by John Wilson Radio 4, Front Row, 19-Jan-07


01-08-2010newspaperArt of England - Attitude By Estelle Lovatt
01-06-2010newspaperArea - ATTITUDE - May-June 2010
01-06-2010newspaperHarpers Bazaar - To Have & To Hold By Caroline Roux  June 2010
01-05-2010newspaperHandelsblatt - Mit Geschmack - Ohne Moral By Matthias Thibaut 14 May 2010
01-04-2010newspaperFlash Art - Indian Spring Season By Rajesh Punj March
01-04-2010newspaperAsian Art Newspaper - Facing East By Rajesh Punj April 2010 P.23
01-04-2010newspaperThe Asian Art Newspaper - Bharti Kher By Rajesh Punj April 2010 P.17
01-03-2010newspaperBig Issue in the North - Collectors choice By Rachel Hand
01-03-2010newspaperCheshire Life - The Saatchi of the north By Janet Reeder
01-03-2010newspaperHotline - The Indian Portrait 1560 - 1860 By Lee Cheshire
08-02-2010newspaperCrains Manchester Business - To be Frank, its the future of modern art By Claire Shoesmith
05-02-2010newspaperThe Jewish Chronicle - The Saatchi of Manchester takes on Londons art elite By Charlotte Appleyard
01-02-2010newspaperWhat’s On By Rob Curran
01-02-2010newspaperGallery celebrates the gift of art
01-02-2010newspaperHotline - North goes East By Lee Cheshire
01-02-2010newspaperArt Monthly - School of Saatchi By Andrew J. Stooke
01-02-2010newspaperThe World of Interiors - Exhibition Diary
30-01-2010newspaperFT Weekend Visual arts By Jackie Wullschlager
06-01-2010newspaperManchester Evening News - The art of a new start By Sarah Walters
03-01-2010newspaperArt AM - Frank Cohen Koleksiyonu ndan cin, Hint ve Japon Eserleri
01-01-2010newspaperThe Art Newspaper - And the Saatchi winner is… By Iain Millar
20-12-2009newspaperThe Independent on Sunday - So, which of these lovely art folk is not the real deal? By Mike Higgins
05-12-2009newspaperFinancial Times Weekend (Life & Arts) - When beauty is in the eye of the collector By John Lloyd
27-11-2009newspaperYorkshire Post (Culture) - Why art should not be shoehorned into the talent show format By Chris Bond
25-11-2009newspaperThe Daily Telegraph - Art? Even Tracey Emin said it was rubbish By Christian Adams
24-11-2009newspaperThe Independent (Independent Life) - Frame and Fortune By Sean OGrady
24-11-2009newspaperThe Guardian (G2) - Yoohoo!  Has anyone seen Charles Saatchi? He doesn’t seem to be in his own show… By Tim Dowling
23-11-2009newspaperThe Guardian (G2) Watch this By Jonathan Wright
23-11-2009newspaperMetro - Artists given a doze of reality By Zena Alkayat
22-11-2009newspaperThe Sunday Telegraph Todays Highlights By Gerard O’Donovan
22-11-2009newspaperThe Sunday Times (Culture) - They seek him here By Sarah Dempster and Helen Stewart
22-11-2009newspaperThe Sunday Telegraph - Welcome to Saatchis X Factor of art By Roya Nikkhah
22-11-2009newspaperThe Independent on Sunday - Watch This – Reality show of the week
21-11-2009newspaperThe Times (Playlist) School of Saatchi By David Chater 21 November 2009
21-11-2009newspaperThe Guardian Guide - School of Saatchi
21-11-2009newspaperThe Daily Telegraph (Review Magazine)- What to watch By Gerard O’Donovan
21-11-2009newspaperThe Independent (The Information) - Pick of the day
21-11-2009newspaperRadio Times - The invisible man By Waldemar Januszczak
14-11-2009newspaperThe Independent (The Information) - Going out – Art galleries and museums
14-11-2009newspaperThe Times (Saturday Review) - Why Charles Saatchi thinks he’s the Wizard of Oz - By Kate Muir
01-11-2009newspaperArt China - Reality Filter - Dialogue Between Huang Du and Jitish Kallat By Huang Du
25-10-2009newspaperThe Observer Twenty Years after communism\’s fall, Stalin\’s favourite art is back in fashion By Vanessa Thorpe P.43-44
16-09-2009newspaperExpress & Star - 'Maximum impact with minimal art' - P.12
12-09-2009newspaperLife & Arts - ‘Critic’s choice’ - P.19
01-09-2009newspaperArt China Reality Filter – Dialogue Between Huang Du and Jitish Kallat By Huang Du
01-09-2009newspaperArt China Transit Lounge: Contemporary Art in India By Jitish Kallat P.20-25
01-09-2009newspaperArt China The Journey of India By Xu Jiayin P.52-53
01-07-2009newspaperDecanter "My passion for wine: Frank Cohen" By Guy Woodward
01-07-2009newspaperThe Art Newspaper July/August 2009
12-06-2009newspaperThe Art Newspaper Art Basel daily edition "Leading Contemporary Collectors"
11-06-2009newspaperThe Art Newspaper Art Basel daily edition "Market finds new vigour" By Bruce Millar and James Knox
01-06-2009newspaperApollo, "The Private World of Frank Cohen" By Louise Nicholson
12-03-2009newspaperWolverhampton Express & Star online - "Millionaire’s Indian art is on display" by Rita Maman
07-03-2009newspaperFinancial Times - 7 March 2009, pp.6-8 + p.10 "Bridging the Gulf" By Pernilla Holmes
01-03-2009newspaperWeltkunst special: Kunst & Geld, pp.32-39 Kunst mit Potenzial By Susanne Schreiber
01-03-2009newspaperVs - Spring 2009, pp.72-76 The Art of Tomorrow By Carla Christine Bruus Strube
01-03-2009newspaperWound - Spring 2009, pp.250-253 "A Passage to Frank" By Ken Pratt
15-01-2009newspaperTime Out, p.40, Listing: Dark Materials
01-01-2009newspaperArt Asia Pacific, p.272, "Frank Cohen"
01-01-2009newspaperArt Asia Pacific, pp.88-91, "Art Fairs"
01-01-2009newspaperArt Asia Pacific, pp.116-118, "Exhibitions in Europe"
01-01-2009newspaperArt Asia Pacific, pp.261-264, "United Arab Emirates"
01-01-2009newspaperARTIndia - "Speaking Frankly" By Lee Johnson
16-12-2008newspaperThe Times, Investing in Art, pp.1, 13, "Art on a global scale" By Pernilla Holmes
16-12-2008newspaperThe Times, Investing in Art, pp.14, 17, "Bright Young Things" By Helen Sumpter
13-12-2008newspaperThe Financial Times Weekend, p.21, "GSK Contemporary, Collision Course" By Jackie Wullschlager
13-12-2008newspaperThe Financial Times Weekend, p.15, "Taming the tiger?" By Jackie Wullschlager
12-12-2008newspaperThe Jewish Chronicle, p.36, "The Saatchi of the North" By Julia Weiner
11-12-2008newspaperThe Evening Standard, p.27, "Saatchi of the North show at Royal Academy" By Louise Jury
10-12-2008newspaperThe Times T2, pp.14-15, "Catch a tiger by its many tales" By Rachel Campbell-Johnston
01-12-2008newspaperBonhams Magazine, pp. 1, 3, 30-33, "Switched On" By Lucinda Bredin
01-12-2008newspaperVogue, pp.173, 175, "Extra Ordinary" By Louisa Buck
01-12-2008newspaperRA Magazine, p.53, "Post-apocalypse now" By Georgina Brewster
01-12-2008newspaperBlackcard Magazine, pp.48-50, "Essential Viewing" By Neil Stewart
01-12-2008newspaperMayfair Times, p.21, "Apocalyptic Artwork" By Sophie Bishop
01-12-2008newspaper10 Men Magazine, p.33, "10 Ideas" By Richard Gray
01-11-2008newspaperDisenart, pp.42-3, "Trazos de Neon" By Celia Valenciano
16-10-2008newspaperThe Art Newspaper, p.13, "Design Art London Where old-style glamour flirts with contemporary attitude" By Viv Lawes
15-10-2008newspaperHedge, p.81, p.82, "Art Storm" By Lou Cooper
15-10-2008newspaperHedge, p. 96, "Passion Player" By Rebecca Newman
01-10-2008newspaperArt World, October 2008, p.19, "Edgy art and late night bar for RA"
01-10-2008newspaperQuintessentially Autumn 2008, p.15, 69-71 "Eastern Edge: Indian Contemporary Art" By Sophie Walker
01-10-2008newspaperBlacksquare, p. 14, Initial Access
12-09-2008newspaperThe Financial Times How To Spend It "A Site For More Eyes" By Emma Crichton-Miller
10-09-2008newspaperIndian Art News "Fire will spark up again" By Terry Grimley
06-09-2008newspaperFinancial Times - How to spend it, p.75 "The Countdown has begun..."
05-09-2008newspaperMetro p.29 "Lighting up your life" By David Vincent
02-09-2008newspaperExpress & Star, p.7 "Exhibition spreads the word" By Victoria Nash
31-08-2008newspaperThe Observer Magazine, p.26 Secret Pioneers "Frank Cohen: Art Collector" By Jessica Lack
21-08-2008newspaperDesign Week, p.32 Write On By Sarah Frater
08-08-2008newspaper'Lightness of Being' To Be At Initial Access In England By Will Demers
01-08-2008newspaperGQ "Access all areas" August 2008, pp. 153-154 By Sophie Leris
04-06-2008newspaperThe Art Newpaper, Art Basel Daily Edition, p. 4 "Buyers play safe: Blue-chip artists generate the strongest sales" By Georgina Adam
10-05-2008newspaperThe Financial Times Critics' Choice, 10 May 2008, p. 23 By Jackie Wullschlager
02-05-2008newspaperTime Out Mumbai "Bonus point - Frankly speaking" p. 28 By Deepanjana Pal
01-05-2008newspaperPalladium magazine "The Indian art scene is the latest obsession" By Miranda Green
May/June 2008, pp. 67-73
01-05-2008newspaperArt Asia Pacific "Frank Cohen: Do-It-Yourself" May/June 2008, pp. 102-105 By Elaine W.Ng
01-05-2008newspaperArt Asia Pacific "Art Fair Report: A caravan of White Cubes" May/June 2008, pp. 94-95 By the Editors
13-04-2008newspaperThe Sunday Telegraph Stella "Stella Loves . . . " by Nisha Lilia Diu
12-04-2008newspaperThe Financial Times "Auction jackpots and revolutions" 12 April 2008, p. 19 By Georgina Adam
06-04-2008newspaperThe Sunday Telegraph, Art Choice, p. 30 By Alastair Smart
06-04-2008newspaperThe Calcutta Telegraph, Graphiti "A global canvas" By Aarti Dua
05-04-2008newspaperThe Independent Information, Listing, p. 15
05-04-2008newspaperThe Independent Information, p. 13 "Pick of the Week Passage to India: Initial Access, Wolverhampton" by Peter Chapman
01-04-2008newspaperArt of England "Review" April 2008, pp. 48-49 By Nathaniel Pitt
01-04-2008newspaperEsquire "Art: Three to Visit" April 2008, p. 84.
01-04-2008newspaperBlacksquare , Spring 2008
01-04-2008newspaperHotline "Reasons to be cheerful" April/June 2008, pp. 28-29
01-04-2008newspaperGG2 Life "This month you should. . ." pp. 10/11 By Neha Gadhvi
23-03-2008newspaperFinancial Times, "Wolverhampton's Conceptual Zoo", 23-Mar-2008, By Jackie Wullschlager  - FT Website
22-03-2008newspaperThe Financial Times "Wolverhampton's conceptual zoo" 22-Mar-08, p. 13 By Jackie Wullschlager
22-03-2008newspaperWhats On magazine (Birmingham) by Dave Freak, p. 30
19-03-2008newspaperThe Art 19-Mar-08 "Dubai fair reaps reward of focus on Indian contemporary art" By Georgina Adam and James Knox
19-03-2008newspaperThe Times "A package from India" 19-Mar-08, p. 13  By Gareth Harris
14-03-2008newspaperDaily News and Analysis "A Passage From India" 14-Mar-08, By Madhu Jain
14-03-2008newspaperMetro Birmingham "A fresh fascination" 14-Mar-08, p. 33 By Wayne Burrows
13-03-2008newspaperWolverhampton Express and Star "Animal preparing for its Passage to India - Artistic tusk set as part of works due on show" By Nick Pritchard, p. 13, 13-Mar-08
11-03-2008newspaperMalaysia Sun "British collector showcasing works of 13 young Indian artists" 11-Mar-08
11-03-2008newspaperThe Economic Times of India "China way ahead of India in contemporary art" 11-Mar-08 By Reshmi Dasgupta
11-03-2008newspaperThe Birmingham Post "Land of the Rising Fun" p. 13 By Terry Grimley
10-03-2008newspaperExpress "The new Modern" 10-Mar-08 By Georgina Maddox
10-03-2008newspaperThaiIndian News, British collector showcasing works of 13 young Indian artists, 10-Mar-08
09-03-2008newspaperThe Times of India "West hankers for new Indian art" 9-Mar-08 By Neelam Raj
04-03-2008newspaperThe Daily Telegraph "Market News" 4-Mar-08 by Colin Gleadell
26-02-2008newspaperThe Daily Telegraph "Stirrings of a slumbering giant" 26-Feb-08, p. 26 By Colin Gleadell
26-02-2008newspaperThe Telegraph Online "Passage to India" 26-Feb-08 By Ruby Russell
03-02-2008newspaperThe Daily Telegraph, p.20 - Indian art feels the chill by Colin Gleadell
01-01-2008newspaperFlash Art Online "Passage to India" Jan 2008 By Nicola Trezzi
01-01-2008newspaperThe Art Newspaper "In the frame" Jan 2008, p. 2 "New Indian Art from the Frank Cohen Collection, Wolverhampton" 11-Dec-07 By Karen Jones
11-11-2007newspaperArts and Business "New Indian Art from the Frank Cohen Collection, Wolverhampton" 11-Dec-07 By Karen Jones
01-11-2007newspaperNY Arts Mag YBC: Young British Collector November - December 2007 By Valerie Blair
26-09-2007newspaperJewish Telegraph "Frank exhibition on an industrial estate near Wolverhampton" 26-Sep-07, p. 29
By Estelle Lovatt
22-09-2007newspaperFinancial Times, "Dealing with a gut feeling", 22-Sep-07 By Anthony Haden-Guest
19-09-2007newspaperBerliner Liste, 19-Sep-07
18-09-2007newspaper'Unholy Truths @ Initial Access' Review by Tom Hicks. BBC Black Country website. 18-Sep-07
18-09-2007newspaperThe Daily Telegraph, 18-Sep-07
15-09-2007newspaperFinancial Times, 15-Sep-07
11-09-2007newspaper'Global gathering of the bizarre' Review by Terry Grimley. Birmingham Post, 11-Sep-07
11-09-2007newspaperBirmingham Post, 11-Sep-07
07-09-2007newspaper'City's Hidden Art Gems' Review by Elizabeth Joyce. W'ton's Express and Star, 7-Sep-07
15-07-2007newspaperThe Independent, 15-Jul-07, by Andrew Johnson
01-07-2007newspaperArt News Summer 07
01-05-2007newspaperAXA Art Review - 01-May-07
13-04-2007newspaper"Auditions for the role of China's Picasso" by Jackie Wullschlager. Financial Times, 13-Apr-07
24-03-2007newspaper'Art Show is Talking Point' - review by Nick Pritchard. Express and Star, 24-Mar-07
24-03-2007newspaper'Modern art by the shedload in DIY tycoon's industrial-cultural space' - feature by Charlotte Higgins. Guardian, Saturday 24-Mar-07
23-03-2007newspaper'The collective imagination' a feature by Jackie Wullschlager. Financial Times, 23-Mar-07
18-02-2007newspaper"Mr Bigs of Britart buy into China" - a news story by Richard Brooks Sunday Times, 18-Feb-07
23-01-2007newspaper'Frank's Design for life - a review by Terry Grimley Birmingham Post, 23-Jan-07
01-01-2007newspaperArt NEWS October 2006, "Soulmates on everything visual" By Lucy Lethbridge. Photographer Thomas Stewart.

Web Articles

23-03-2010newspaperGlass Magazine online - ATTITUDE
01-03-2010newspaperMe fascinan las obras sencillas y audaces - (audacious and bold works fascinate me) By Vanessa Garcia - Osuna
19-02-2010newspaperStudent Direct (Mancunion) - Facing East and moving forward By Rhona Ezuma
16-02-2010newspaperThe Skinny - Facing East @ Manchester Art Gallery By John Harrison
14-02-2010newspaperThe Wall Street Journal Europe - Time off
12-02-2010newspaperThe Independent (Arts and Books) - Don’t get cute with me By Tom Sutcliffe
09-02-2010newspaperBig Issue in the North online - Frank Cohen Saatchi of the North By Rachel Hand
09-02-2010newspaperThe Skinny - Facing East: Recent Works from China, India and Japan from the Frank Cohen Collection
09-02-2010newspaperChinese Arts and Culture - Facing East: Recent Works from China, India and Japan from the Frank Cohen Collection
09-02-2010newspaperAsia Art Archive - Facing East: Recent Works from China, India and Japan from the Frank Cohen Collection
08-02-2010newspaperArt Daily - Exhibition of New Work by Indian Artist Jitish Kallat to Open at Haunch of Venison
08-02-2010newspaperArt Knowledge News - Haunch of Venison to show New Work by Indian Artist Jitish Kallat
07-02-2010newspaperAll Art News - Exhibition of New Work by Indian Artist Jitish Kallat to Open at Haunch of Venison
06-02-2010newspaperArt Rabbit - ARTIST ROOMS Ron Mueck
05-02-2010newspaperBBC Radio Manchester - Beswick at Breakfast

Art Rabbit - Facing East: Recent Works from China, India and Japan from the Frank Cohen Collection

04-02-2010newspaperManchester Confidential - Facing East and ARTIST ROOMS review By Thalia Allington-Wood
03-02-2010newspaperBBC Manchester Online - Art from the Frank Cohen collection in Manchester
01-02-2010newspaperGlass Magazine online - East Meets Manchester By Yuka Maeno
10-01-2010newspaperChester Chronicle - Exhibitions  January 14 onwards By Michael Green
07-01-2010newspaperAsethetica Magazine Newsletter - Artists Rooms Ron Mueck
06-01-2010newspaperCity Life - 'Coming in 2010: Art' By Sarah Walters
31-12-2009newspaperCulture 24 Crystal Ball reveals whats coming up in art during 2010 By Richard Moss
27-12-2009newspaperMutualArt - Facing East: Recent Works from China, India and Japan from the Frank Cohen Collection
09-12-2009newspaperLove Manchester - Whats on in Manchester
09-12-2009newspaperLove Manchester - Whats on in Manchester
08-12-2009newspaperCulture 24 - Manchester Art Gallery
08-12-2009newspaperCulture 24 - Manchester Art Gallery
06-12-2009newspaperThe Faster Times - Will Britains Next Top Artists Be Selected by Reality TV? - By Caroline Rossiter
06-12-2009newspaperThe Faster Times - Will Britains Next Top Artists Be Selected by Reality TV? By Caroline Rossiter
03-12-2009newspaperManchester Made It Easy - Manchester Art Gallery exhibitions programme 2009-2010
03-12-2009newspaperManchester Made It Easy - Manchester Art Gallery exhibitions programme 2009-2010
29-11-2009newspaperGlobal thought and substance on wide canvas, By Jhupu Adhikari
28-11-2009newspaperThe Times of India, 'The maverick mundas' By Neelam Raaj
27-11-2009newspaperYorkshire Post Online, 'Why art should not be shoehorned into the talent show format' By Chris Bond
25-11-2009newspaperCreative Wolverhampton - Events 28th Nov - 8th Dec
25-11-2009newspaperVisit Manchester - whats on
25-11-2009newspaperTaxi - Manchester Art Gallery To Showcase Art From India, China And Japan
25-11-2009newspaperNew Exhibitions - Facing East, Frank Cohen and curator David Thorp in conversation
24-11-2009newspaperThe Scotsman Online - If anything Cowell is the new Saatchi, not the other way round By Andrew Eaton
24-11-2009newspaperArtdaily - Manchester Art Gallery to Present Recent Works from China, India and Japan
23-11-2009newspaperArts List - Facing East
23-11-2009newspaperUnreality PrimeTV - School of Saatchi on BBC Two By Lisa McGarry
23-11-2009newspaperArt in Liverpool - BBC Two Programmes – School of Saatchi, Episode 1 By Ian Jackson - Charles Saatchi selects his six unknown artists for BBC Twos School Of Saatchi
23-11-2009newspaperNY Arts Magazine - Saatchi’s TV Series
23-11-2009newspaperThe Daily Telegraph Online - Six young artists tutored by Charles Saatchi in new TV talent search
14-11-2009newspaperView Manchester - Manchester Art Gallery Listings
08-07-2009newspaperThe Guardian, Travel – Online - Art from the heart (of England) by Matt Price
11-06-2009newspaperThe Art Newspaper online "Design market finds new vigour" By Bruce Millar and James Knox
29-05-2009newspaperThe Economic Times "Management by Brush Stroke: Jitish Kallat" By Arat Menon Carroll
19-05-2009newspaperSunderland Echo "Scratching beneath the surface" By Alison Goulding
07-05-2009newspaperInvest Art India "An exclusive access to Frank Cohen Collection show" By Prashant K
01-05-2009newspaperCountry & Town House - "The List: Five Hidden Collections"
15-04-2009newspaperIndianArtsScene "Art exhibitions in the city - Bangalore" - "Christie's focus on art education" By Madhusree Chatterjee
31-03-2009newspaper"Designer who redrew borders" By Colin Gleadell
26-03-2009newspaperBirmingham Post online - "Food for thought from Eastern eyes" by Terry Grimley
26-03-2009newspaperSaffronart - "News and Features"
23-03-2009newspaperThe Telegraph (Calcutta) - "Let’s talk museums & more - Global experts to discuss best practices in preservation, dissemination and marketing of modern art" by Somak Ghoshal
23-03-2009newspaperPhillips ART Expert forum - "Passage to India II" by Rebecca Geldard
19-03-2009newspaperWallpaper online "New Indian Art exhibition, Wolverhampton" by Hugo MacDonald
15-03-2009newspaperMatters of Art -  Passage to India Part II
12-03-2009newspaperWolverhampton Express & Star online - "The Frank Cohen Exhibition"
07-02-2009newspaperEl Pais online, India fuera de sí By Ana Gabriela Rojas, The At of War By Sanjukta Sharma
08-01-2009newspaperTime Out, p.57, GSK Contemporary By Martin Herbert, "William Burroughs Offers Druggy Antidote to Christmas Cheer" By Martin Gayford
27-12-2008newspaperFinancial Times, Life and Arts p.3, "Public collections, public spaces" By Olivia Keetch
16-12-2008newspaper24 hour museum, "Royal Academy in a collision with William S. Burroughs" By Ben Miller
10-12-2008newspaperCulture Shot, "Exhibitions - Last chance"
22-11-2008newspaperUGS online, "Straylight Cavern @ Cooper Gallery", "Royal Academy of Arts"
18-11-2008newspaperContemporary Arts Review, "A Multidisciplinary Season of Cutting-Edge Visual Culture at the Royal Academy of Arts Supported by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)"
17-11-2008newspaperAlmost-Ninja Blogspot, "Royal Academy of Arts"
17-11-2008newspaperFlash Art online, "Collecting overview" By Matt Price
06-11-2008newspaperUCA Maidstone Library and Learning Centre Online, "GSK Contemporary at the Royal Academy of Arts New season of experimental art" By Joanna Bussey "Frieze Frame" By David Velasco
16-10-2008newspaperSpears Online "Shot Before Dawn" By Josh Spero
13-10-2008newspaperLook into my owl, "Lightness of being - Initial Access"
02-10-2008newspaperBBC Inside Out Online "Art as an investment"
10-09-2008newspaperThe First Post "Art In Pictures" By Holly Kyte "Initial Access Gallery - 'Lightness of Being'"
09-09-2008newspaperThe Birmingham Post Online "Many hands make light work for Frank Cohen" By Terry Grimley
09-09-2008newspaperThe Birmingham Post Online "Fire sparks up again" By Terry Grimley
08-09-2008newspaperWallpaper Online "Lightness of Being Exhibition" By Hugo MacDonald "The very bearable Lightness of Being" By David Vincent
02-09-2008newspaperExpress and Star "Exhibition spreads the word"
01-09-2008newspaperEconomic Times online "Global collectors stock up on contemporary Indian art" 'Lightness of Being' "India wants the contemporary" By Afsun Qureshi "Passage to India. Dall’Inghilterra il Punto sulla suova arte Indiana"
08-04-2008newspaperNew Zealand Herald Online "Paran Balakrishnan: Indian art making big impact"
03-04-2008newspaper'Matt Price on Passage To India, at Initial Access Wolverhampton', Saatchi Online, 3-Apr-2008
17-04-2007newspaper'All Roads Lead to China' Review by Terry Grimley. Birmingham Post, 17-Apr-07